French Nights – Pichenotte AKA Crokinole

Please join us at Casa Rondeña Winery for our Fall series of French Nights, 5:30-7:00 pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month!

As always, we’ll enjoy some French study, wine, culture, and songs in French!  We’ll be joined by guest musician Malcolm Moore on guitar, for a couple of songs led by Maryse.

Open to all levels! Enjoy the beautiful winery and gorgeous grounds, while sipping an award winning local wine in good company! Well-behaved minors welcome; non-alcoholic beverages available.

$25 per person

$20 per person for wine club members

This includes your first glass of wine + cheese and crackers!  

~ Open to the Public, Reservations Needed ~

On the 3rd Wednesday, we also have a special French food item available for purchase.  The Club is now open on Wednesdays for pizza and tapas as well, so if you come for French night, you also get Club access that night even if you’re not a member yet!


French Night – La Plage Et La Mer (The Beach And The Sea)

Casa Rondeña Autumn Brunch
French Nights - Le cinéma et les frères Lumière

Le cinéma et les frères Lumière: French film history and loan words

$5 French onion soup
**IMPORTANT** Because of Thanksgiving, French night will be on the 4th Wednesday instead of the 3rd!

French Nights - Pichenotte AKA Crokinole

Pichenotte AKA Crokinole: A fun disc-flicking game possibly from French Canada… The origin of the game is unclear, but what’s clear is that it’s a lot of fun, easy to learn, but hard to master! Come learn the rules and basic terms, while we sip some wine by the warm fireplace. Maryse will bring her crokinole “pichenotte” board!